This blog is a new version of A Note from the Next Door Neighbours, the column Andy Pollak wrote every month for seven years (2006-2013) during his final period as director of the Centre for Cross Border Studies in Armagh. Now that he is a free agent, with no managerial or financial accountability to anybody but himself, he hopes this blog will be able to range more widely, while remaining faithful to his core belief in good neighbourliness as the first essential step towards people of all political and cultural traditions on the island of Ireland becoming partners and friends.

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7 Responses to About

  1. Joachim Beck says:

    Dear Andy,
    I just discovered your blog and must say: BRAVO !! It is so good to see your intellectual voice continuing – we need more “CBC guns for hire” – also in Continental Europe!!!


    Andy. I am planning to walk the Border.. I was told about your blog which I have today signed up to follow. I would be grateful for any suggestions you might have. William

  3. Seán Higgins says:

    Andy just discovered your blog, found it fascinating with your selection of places to discover and the extra historical content. Thank you.
    Did you in the past right a colum for the Sunday News (News Letter many moons ago?

    • Sean O'Sullivan says:

      Hi Sean,

      No, Not a journalist, just a humble bureaucrat! I used to manage the Special Programme for Peace and Reconciliation which is how I first made contact with Andy.

      For my Czech friend’s sake I was so hoping to get his story of his descent from that wild Norman/Irishman(!) published and would be happy for an accredited journalist to take it over as I’ve reached that happy age when I don’t need kudos!

      A further item that might interest Andy, I recently purchased at auction a collection of beautiful drawings by the Czech Jewish artist Richard Pollak. He died at Birkenau when he was in his 80s. Just wondered if there was any family connection.

      If any of you have reason to visit Prague, look me up.

      Best regards,

      Sean O’Sullivan

  4. Julitta Clancy says:

    Andy, I can’t believe I only just discovered your very valuable blog. I was reading the Seamus Mallon book last night – very moving and timely – and thought of all your good work down the years as well. In these difficult times it is good to hear positive and informed voices. Julitta Clancy (Meath Peace Group)

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